Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lee's Klemguard Ride goes well!

Lee Bauer planned a ride starting out of Klemguard Park today. He took us on a number of backroads. Carol and I were expecting a nice easy ride. When we arrived Lee told us he picked this area to ride because there are bigger hills there are
by his place in Uniontown. Lee provided us with some great scenery, plenty of trees and great views from the tops of hills. At one point we hit a dirt road which I was excited about. Turns out there was a ton of puncture vine here and I mean a ton. Mike Riddle got nailed and we had to spend some time fixing his flats. Everyone else got through pretty easily. I lost some air pressure but my sealant got me through without too much trouble.

Carol started the ride a bit before everyone else so no one would have to wait for her at the top of the first hill, which was maybe the toughest one of the day. She also spent quite a bit of time waiting for Mike and me as we had to spend the time fixing his flats. She wants it known that she had to do the most waiting on this ride!

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  1. what's this? A blog post from the Seanman? Nice it was COLD up there though.